Paralysis is most frequently caused by harm within the system, particularly the neural structure. Alternative major causes square measure stroke, trauma with nerve injury, polio, botulism, spina bifida, degenerative disorder, and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Temporary paralysis happens throughout REM sleep, and deregulation of this method will cause episodes of waking dysfunction. Medications that interfere with nerve operate, like plant toxin, can even cause dysfunction. There area unit several best-known causes for dysfunction, and maybe a lot of nevertheless to be discovered.

Paralysis may affect an individual’s body fully or partly. Partial dysfunction can have an effect on an area of the body and complete dysfunction build the entire body in paralytic state. Palsy is that the term used once dysfunction have an effect on the lower a part of the body or dysfunction of arms and legs. Dysfunction chiefly happens as a result of strokes or injuries. Minor dysfunction will be cured simply, however the key ones would like longer to be cured.

Ayurveda in Paralysis

The  disease conditions with similar clinical presentation are  Pakshaghata, Pakshavadha, Ardita, Khanja,and Ekanga Vata in Ayurveda classics like Charaka Samhita.
In Ayurveda the treatment documented based on the state of disease, chronicity, & constitution, age, physical-mental& Agni[digestive-metabolic status] strength of the  patient

The traditional therapies like Abhyanga, Pinzichil, Nadi-swedana, Patra-pinda- swedana, Shashthishali-pinda- swedana, Sarvangasvedana, Shiro- Vasti, Shiraodhara,, & among Panchakarma therapeutics like  Nasyam, Virechanam, Vasti are advocated & among them are selected depending on state of disease & diseased.

Dr Prasher developed herbal products in two combinations in convenient dosages form for paralysis, 1. to reverse the underlying cause of the disease & 2. to regenerate the neurons.

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