Osteoporosis  a disease condition of decrease density of bone, decreasing its strength and leading to fragile bones. osteoporosis virtually ends up in abnormally porous bone that’s compressible, sort of a sponge. This disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone and ends up in a frequent fractures (breaks) within the bones.  The ribs, hips, spine and wrists are common problem areas of bone fractures from osteoporosis though osteoporosis connected fractures will occur in virtually any skeletal bone.Overweight, thyroid disorders,IBS,Celiac disease, nutritional deficiency especially that calcium, prolonged use of steroids, contraceptive pills, lack of physical work/exercise can be the causes of osteoporosis.


Symptoms of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis may also be gift with none symptoms for many years as a result of osteoporosis does not cause symptoms till bone fractures. Moreover, some osteoporotic fractures might escape detection for years after they don’t cause symptoms. Therefore, patients might not remember of their osteoporosis till they suffer a painful fracture. The symptom related to osteoporotic fractures sometimes is pain; the placement of the pain depends on the placement of the fracture. Fractures of the spine (vertebra) will cause severe “band-like” pain that radiates from the rear to the edges of the body. Over the years, continual spinal fractures will result in chronic lower back pain moreover as loss of height or snakelike of the spine because of collapse of the vertebrae. The collapse provides people a hunched-back look of the higher back, typically referred to as a “dowager hump” as a result of it usually is seen in older girls. osteoporosis within the vertebrae will cause serious issues for ladies. A fracture during this space happens from every day activities like climb stairs, lifting objects, or forward bending .


Ayurveda Options

There are several natural ways that obtainable to forestall the dilution of the bones. Regular exercise that involves sturdy movement of the legs and hands keeps the bones sturdy and work. This will increase the mineral density within the bones and would be extremely helpful once aging happens. It helps the folks avoid cracking their bones after they get older. the kinds of exercises, intensity and frequency and length of such exercises will be illustrious from any doctor taking the suggestions and few precautions which may be concerned.


Asthikshya/ asthisaushriya are the conditions that have similar clinical presentation & can be treated with the help of ayurveda medicines without any side effects.

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