Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) refers to a bunch of genetic, hereditary diseases that weaken the muscles . Muscular dystrophies are characterised by progressive striated muscle weakness, defects in muscle proteins, and therefore the death of muscle cells and tissue. Mainly 9 MD diseases are  Duchenne, Becker, distal,congenital, facioscapulohumeral, limb girdle,  myotonic, oculopharyngeal,  and Emery-Dreifuss are forever classified as genetic defect however there are over a hundred diseases in total with similarities to genetic defect. Mostly MD are multi-system disorders with manifestations in body systems as well as the guts, epithelial duct and nervous systems, endocrine glands, skin, eyes and alternative organs.

MD conjointly affects totally different systems of the body, like the endocrine glands, eyes, systema nervosum and heart. The patient could suffer from a problem in respiratory, drooping eyelids, spinal curvature & several other issues.

Ayurveda on Muscular Dystrophies

The type of pathogenesis in MDs are similar to that of Mamsaghatavata caused by vitiated Kapha & Vata, kaphaavritasamanavayu, kaphaavritavyanavayu & by following the guidelines for treating these conditions MD of various types are treated at our centre effectively. The effects of these Ayurveda based herbal medicines could be seen objectively on S CPK levels with clinically improvements. In most of the cases the CPK levels come down in normal range in 3-6 months. The Ayurveda based herbal formulations in two combinations 1.Amahara- the combination of disease modifying herbal extracts.2.Vedantarasayana- to improve the coordination of neural -muscular activities & improve muscles strength.

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