Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is sometimes unfolding through direct contact with the blood of an individual World Health Organization has the illness. It’s caused by the virus HCV (Hepatitis C Virus). The period for viral hepatitis virus (HCV) is 15-150 days, with symptoms developing anyplace from 5-12 weeks once exposure. Throughout acute HCV infection, symptoms could seem like those of HBV infection. In up to eightieth of cases, however, patients are symptom-less and don’t develop icterus. The complications in two hundredth of informed C patients get cirrhosis of the liver & some times may cause cancer of liver. Body waste is rarely a route of transmission in viral hepatitis.


Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Hepatitis C

The disease conditions documented in Ayurveda classics having similar clinical features & complications are Yakritodhara, Kamla, Pandu, kumbakamla , Halimaka, & Yakritpalihodhara. Pandu-kamala-kumbhakamala-Halimaka can be the states of disease if not treated timely. The treatment possibilities in Ayurveda depending on Vyadhi-aturabala [state of disease, Prakriti, Agni & sharira-mana-vyadhikshmtva-bala of patient] is containing to reversing the disease

Dr Prasher at Vedanta Ayurveda Delhi has treated 63 cases of hepatitis C with personalized herbal products.  Two Personalized Ayurveda based herbal formulations-Livakalpa C-to improve the liver functions & other one Amritakalpa C-to reduce viral load based on the principles described in Charaka Samhita with more than 70% success rate. The improvements in LFT parameters starts after first month of medicines & viral load starts coming down in most of the cases after three months of medicines . Some of the herbs are confirmed for antiviral activities on modern parameters as well.

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