Hepatitis caused by viral infection or body tissues injury or toxic irritation. It is broadly  of Five categories –

1.Infectious- there are five types of main hepatitis viruses A, B, C, D & E that are known as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C/D/E .

2. Autoimmune hepatitis- Crigler-Najjar syndrome, gilbert’s syndrome, Dubin-Johson syndrome, Rotor’s Syndrome

3. The major   toxins that causes hepatitis  are some of industrial chemical, organic solvents, notably alcohol and certain medications.

4.  Ischemic & congestive hepatitis

 5. Extra hepatic biliary obstruction

Hepatitis is of acute nature  can  last for up to six months and chronic when it persists longer. Some styles of infectious disease can pass while not inflicting permanent harm to the liver. Alternative sorts will persist for several years and cause scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) and, within the most serious cases, loss of liver functions  up to liver failure which might be fatal. Above all, hepatitis  B and C cause chronic onset in many uncountable individuals and  the foremost common reason for liver disease and cancer.

Hepatitis B                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 It is caused by the virus HBV (Hepatitis B Virus is double – stranded DNA virus) and is unfold by parenteral mode of transmission. Mediums of transmitting of hepatitis B:

1.Unprotected sexual activity with Associate, in Nursing infected person , using  a syringe that was incidentally utilized by Associate in Nursing infected person (most unremarkable happens with drug addicts and other people WHO inject steroids).

2.Having your skin perforated with unsterilized needles, as may well be the case once obtaining a tattoo, or being accidentally pricked. People that add health care risk turning into infected by chance during this manner. Sharing personal things, like a toothbrush or razor, with Associate in Nursing infected person.

3.A baby will become infected through his milk if she is infected.

4.Being bitten by somebody WHO is infected.

Treatment Possibilities in Ayurveda The disease conditions documented in Ayurveda classics having similar clinical features & complications are Yakritodhara, Kamla, Pandu ,Kumbakamla, Halimaka & Yakritpalihodhara. The causes of these disease conditions are related to nature of person, dietary habits ,life style & exposure to various unhygienic conditions. The treatment possibilities in Ayurveda depending on state of disease, agni, nature & bala of patient is containing to reversing the disease

At Vedanta Ayurveda, Dr Prasher has treated43cases of hepatitis B with personalized herbal extracts by following the leads from Charaka Samhita. We have developed 2 Personalized ayurveda based herbal formulations-Livakalpa-to improve the liver functions &  Amritakalpa-to reduce viral load with more than 70% success rate. The viral load starts coming down in most of the cases after three months of medicines & improvements in LFT parameters starts after first month of medicines. Some of the herbs are tested for antiviral activities on modern parameters & are found having antiviral activities.

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