FLD ( Fatty Liver Diseases )

Fatty Liver Disease

Some fat within the liver is when liver is normal. However if fat makes up over 5%-10% burden comes on the liver than it is FLD.It i9s of 2 types- alcoholic or non alcoholic liver disease. In some cases, these diseases will result in serious complications.


Fatty Alcoholic Liver Disease (FALD/ ALD)

More than fifteen million individuals within the U.S. abuse or overuse alcohol. Most of them develop fatty livers. Fatty liver will occur when drinking moderate or massive amounts of alcohol.


Causes of ALD/FALD

Genetics or heredity plays a role in alcoholic disease in 2 ways: it’s going to influence what proportion alcohol you consume and your probability of developing alcoholism. And, it’s going to conjointly have an effect on levels of liver enzymes concerned with metabolism of alcohol.

Other factors that will influence your possibilities of developing alcoholic fatty liver disease include:

  • Hepatitis
  • Associate in Nursing overload of iron
  • Obesity
  • Diet

Non-alcoholic fatty Liver disease (NAFLD/NALD)

Non-alcoholic disease is currently the foremost common explanation for chronic disease within the U.S. Some individuals with excess fat within the liver merely have what is known as a liver disease. Though this can be not traditional, it’s not serious if it does not result in inflammation or injury.

Others have what is known as non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH). Though it’s almost like alcoholic disease, individuals with this sort disease drink very little or no alcohol. NASH will result in permanent liver injury. The liver could enlarge and, over time, liver cells could also be replaced by connective tissue. The liver cannot work right and you’ll develop liver failure, cancer of the liver and liver-related death.

Both sorts of NAFLD are getting additional common. And over 6 million youngsters have one among these conditions, that square measure commonest in Asian and Hispanic youngsters. Recent proof indicates that NAFLD will increase the chance of cardiopathy in youngsters United Nations agency square measure overweight or rotund.


Causes of non alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD)

The causes for non-alcoholic disease are not defined however some risk factors in some cases & in some no association of risk factors. However, NAFLD tends to run in families.

The known risk factors are


Broad frame,

Insulin resistance syndrome

High sterol or triglycerides

Polygenic disorder

Pre-diabetics as well.

Recent studies show – association in Nursing overgrowth of gut microorganism and different changes within the intestine could also be related to nonalcoholic  liver disease. Some researchers currently suspect this could play a job within the progression of NAFLD to Nash.


Ayurveda concept

In ayurveda literature Yakritodhara developed due to vitiation of Kapha can be the similar conditions & with the line of treatment with personalized approach for Yakritodhara,  we have treated a nos of cases of FALD,NAFLD,NASH successfully.We have observed that Fatty liver upto grade 2 can be reversed in a course of three months in ~80% of the cases.

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