CRF (Chronic Renal Failure)

Chronic renal disorder (CKD), additionally called CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) is a progressive loss in nephritic operate over a amount of months or years. The symptoms of worsening urinary organ operate square measure non-specific, and may embrace feeling usually unwell and experiencing a reduced appetite. Often, chronic renal disorder is diagnosed as a result of screening of individuals proverbial to be in danger of urinary organ issues, like those with high pressure or polygenic disorder and people with a cognate with chronic renal disorder.

Chronic renal disorder is always known with higher levels of creatinine that indicate a lower capillary filtration rate and as a result a belittled capability of the kidneys to discharge waste product. They absorb what’s required and take away the waste in pee. Every excretory renal unit contains a couple of million filtering units referred to as nephrons. They eliminate wastes from the body; regulate the quantity of fluid and pressure of blood, and management levels of electrolytes and blood acidity

 Chronic nephritis  is  the progressive loss of excretory organ performance. The kidneys decide to make amends for excretory organ harm by hyper filtration . Over time, hyper filtration causes any loss of renal functions & get diagnosed in very late stage due to huge functional reservoir in kidneys till it get damaged up to 70%.

CRF, NS & other Kidney disorders’ treatment possibilities in Ayurveda

More then 1200 cases of CRF has been treated in between 1998-2009 so far by Dr. Prasher, among them45 % were on dialysis & in about 60% of these cases on an average after 9 months the requirements of dialysis was not there.
The cases that were on there initial state among them 40% of patients were recovered completely after 2-3 years of treatment. In about 20% of cases very little/ no effect could be observed.
To check any chronic renal failure, firstly we studying the ongoing disease process and identifying the state of disease and the nature of diseased .We provide personalized herbal formulations developed from Varuna, Punarnava, Arjuna, Musta, Bumiamalaki,Amrita, Sariva, Kutha, Panchatrina moola and others.

The tailor-made herbal compounds based Atura-vyadhi bala can reversed the disease process involved by improving the Protein metabolism &by improving filtration capabilities; the renal functions slowly & gradually; reduces the levels of S.creatinine , B. urea& protein loss in urine.

Ayurveda based herbal medicines can help in recovering kidney’s healththese are in capsules form in two combinations
Livakalpa-one to improve the protein metabolism to reduce the formation of creatinine & urea
other combination “ Nephrokalpa”– to rejuvenate the kidneys
The effects of medicines start after first months course of medicines
in most of the cases
these have no metals
no side effects
can be taken with other medicines
Initially these have to start with ongoing treatments

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