Cancer Treatment

Cancer medically known as a malignant tumour ; may be a broad cluster of varied diseases, all involving unregulated growth of cells. In cancer, human cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade close elements of the body. The cancer may additionally unfold to additional distant elements of the body through the vascular system or blood. Not all tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors don’t grow uncontrollably, don’t invade neighbouring tissues, and don’t unfold throughout the body. There are over two hundred completely different noted cancers that afflict humans.

Determining what causes cancer is advanced; several things are noted to extend the danger of cancer, together with tobacco use, some infections, radiation, lack of physical or sport activity, obesity  (Extra Fat), and environmental problems. These will directly harm genes or mix with existing genetic faults at intervals cells to cause the disease. About 5 to 10 % of cancers are entirely hereditary.

Ayurveda Concept & option in treating Cancer

A nos of references of disease conditions which are similar to various types of cancer from blood, plasma, soft tissues to hard tissues are available in Ayurveda texts Charaka,Shushurta & Vaghabhatta  Samhita .The different names are used depending on the site of manifestation , tissue involved, nature of tumors/abnormal growth/behaviors’ of manifested disease like raktapitta, grahani, gulma,raktaj gulma, arbuddha, karkata, adhyaarbuddha and are said to be treatable condition not just depending on the state of disease but more on Atura-bala. If the bala[ physical & mental] & Agni of the patient is weak then it is untreatable condition of the disease with some cardinal features like person don’t want to live no more , loose hope , not even want / unable to take food.

Integral care of cancer is possible thru Ayurveda that target the disease process & improve the available natural healing power of the person.

There are lots of worldwide successes stories that have get benefited from this Indian system of medicines & from yoga also. Some Panchakarma therapies are also helpful in this particular disease. The personalized Yoga & Pranayama techniques are also advised by Dr. Prasher found to be very beneficial. Personalized -guidelines for life-style & dietary habits.
Dr.Prasher developed his insight in this particular subject & treated a few nos. cases of different types of cancers & noted that Ayurveda system of treatment helpful in overcoming this dreaded disease at various stages- 
When there is option left like in a case whose billirubin level was to high that no known chemo-agents can help; in that state some herbal combinations found to be helpful.
This treatment can be taken along with chemo-/radio-/after surgery, to improve the status of immunity, mental strength& physical strength. To minimize the side effects of chemo-/radio- therapeutic agents.
Some of herbs described in these disease conditions are found having anti-cancer activities even on modern parameters some of them are haridra, triphala, amalaki, tulsi, katuki, pushakarmula, bhallataka, rasona, sunthi, vasa, kanchanara, ashavagandha, chitaraka, shavatari,sadabahara,dronapushpi,dhanvya-vyasa,gokhura,gudhuchi,guggulu,nano-particles of gold, diamond, silver etc.

We at Vedanta Ayurveda prepare Ayurveda based medicines  with personalized approach in two combinations of herbal extracts/ sometimes fortified with diamond & Gold nano-particles – 1.Arbudhahara yoga– can help in reversing the disease process & other one 2.Vedanta Kalpa-in initiating the natural healing power,with the help of formulations we have tried in different types & states of this diseases can help in checking the metastasis & in treating the already manifested disease of various organs/ tissues.

Scientifically well-tried natural sources of malignant neoplasm principles are designated, processed with none degradation and used for the cancer medical aid at the ayurveda written material. All treatment availed patients, regardless of their standing (beginning or advanced stage/ radiated /chemotherapy received or not/post operated) are benefited in means of remission to relief of pain and sufferings and improvement in quality & span of life.
This personalized approach is found effective in about 60% of the cases; better are the chances if patient is taking good diet ,these medicines are in capsules form , no side effects,can be taken with other medicines/therapies

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